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Capstone Projects for Graduate Students – Business Analysis and Process Management – Sheridan

The students in the Business Analysis and Process Management, 1 year graduate program, complete a 3.5 month analysis consult with real businesses. These students, in groups of four or five, are currently looking to find appropriate organizations to work with during the winter semester (January to April 2018), to assist those organizations in finding improvements or solutions, to existing processes and operations. This is a great opportunity for a participating organization to enjoy experienced, well-educated graduate students mentored by senior faculty with decades of senior management experience in industry. The participating companies will have the opportunity to dictate the scope and nature of the work they wish to have completed.

All of these master level students have earned undergraduate degrees; the discipline diversity within the students is broad. All have had previous work experience in industry; some with extensive experience, and some who are also now currently employed in full or part-time professions.

In addition to their undergraduate disciplines, these students are completing robust, complex training in analysis, computer systems, finance, marketing, costing, modelling, and strategic leadership. This will enable them to critically analyze and diagram strategic, operational, financial, computer systems, leadership, human resource issues and more, in order to enhance the efficiency and functionality of a company’s operations. These students have been taught to write in professional industry business report format and language and document processes. In their reports they will analyze problems succinctly with appropriate costing, properly evidence their proposals, and create a detailed project management schedule to facilitate the execution of their proposal.

The student group will provide their company with a full written report and will make a presentation to the company of their proposal in the third week in April. Those presentations normally take place at the Mississauga campus of Sheridan at Square One.

This is a win-win value proposition for the participating companies. The companies receive experienced, educated critical thinking students in return for a few hours of time to meet with the students and to assist them in their data gathering. The students gain real world insights, further analytical experience and a snapshot into the world of consulting; all from a variety of industries.

If you and your organization would like to participate in this opportunity to have an objective, fresh view of something in your company that could be made more efficient, more economic, or have better flow-through, please contact me as soon as possible. The students this year are very dedicated and mature and will make a solid contribution to your organization.

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