Sheridan College: Centre for Mobile Innovation

flyer_Centre for Mobile InnovationInitiated in 2013, research at Sheridan’s Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI) revolves around developing and refining mobile technologies to address mobile challenges and opportunities. The Centre facilitates collaboration between professors, students and industry partners resulting in innovative mobile experiences, creative solutions and adaptive technologies benefitting our communities.

Mobile computing and its supporting industries are pervasive in our society and the need for innovative solutions is immediate. The technological advancements of mobile and wearable devices coupled with the Internet of Things will enable businesses to improve their productivity, competitiveness, market share and profitability. While small- and medium-sized companies recognize the potential of these revolutionary technologies to improve their businesses, many have neither the resources nor expertise to achieve their desired goals. Sheridan’s Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI) will bridge that gap and strengthen local and regional competency in this area by engaging faculty, students and industry partners in collaborative projects to improve business innovation. The program of research will focus on:

  • wearable devices
  • Internet of Things
  • context-aware

The CMI will serve as a catalyst for SMEs to realize profits from cutting-edge research and development, and by improving their technology transfer and business innovation opportunities.

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Ed Sykes
Professor, Computer Science
Sheridan College
+1 905 845 9430 Ext 2490

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