Sheridan and Siemens Canada Sign a Memo of Understanding in Support of Mechatronic Systems Education

February 13, 2015 from Sheridan College News Releases

Sheridan College has signed a Memo of Understanding with Siemens Canada to enrich learning opportunities for students and to provide additional pathways for their career success.

Under the terms of the agreement, Siemens may participate and lend its expertise in the form of guest lectures, technical workshops and providing recommendations on curriculum development.  Further opportunities exist for Sheridan students in the form of engineering internships and co-op placements.

At the heart of the agreement is the ultimate goal of preparing Sheridan engineering graduates to write a Siemens certification exam in Mechatronic Systems.  The ability to obtain this credential soon after graduation is especially important for Sheridan’s growing population of international students, because it’s a credential that is globally recognized.

“Our relationship with Siemens Canada is grounded in our shared belief that today’s knowledge economy requires engineering graduates who are critical thinkers and creative problem solvers,” says Dr. Jeff Zabudsky, President and CEO of Sheridan.  “It also recognizes that what truly sparks innovation and excitement in students is the practical application of fundamental principles in the form of experimentation and hands-on experiences.”

Sheridan’s partnership in the Siemens Mechantronic Systems Certification Program is based on cooperation through activities in program development, research and teaching.  The program recognizes post-secondary institutions like Sheridan as certified educational partners.  Its training emphasizes in-demand industrial skills, trouble-shooting and hands-on practice.

“It is very important for Siemens to create a culture of continuous learning,” said Mr. Robert Hardt, President and CEO of Siemens Canada Limited.  “Today’s MOU signing reconfirms Siemens’ commitment to education and training that is supported and driven by key partnerships with Canadian colleges, universities and government.”

The MOU also builds on an existing relationship with Siemens Canada that has resulted in donated equipment for Sheridan’s Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies, supported student scholarships and provided program advice through participation on a Program Advisory Committee.

Representatives from Siemens Canada and Sheridan at the MOU signing

Pictured left to right: Mary Bissette-Clarke, HR, Siemens Canada, Tom Murad, Head of Siemens Engineering and Technology Academy, Farzad Rayegani, Associate Dean, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering & Technology, Sheridan College Robert Hardt, President and CEO, Siemens Canada, Jeff Zabudsky, President and CEO, Sheridan College, Iain McNabb, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology, Sheridan College

Robert Hardt from Siemens Canada and Farzad Rayegani from Sheridan

Pictured above (left to right): Robert Hardt speaking with Farzad Rayegani on a classroom tour

Robert Hardt and a professor discussing Siemens' technology at Sheridan

Pictured above (left to right): Robert Hardt and Mary Bissette-Clark with Sheridan Mechanical Engineering Technology professor Mike Birch

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