Sharpen Your Perspective: Sales, Channel Building and Marketing Leadership with Corinne Sharp

By Phyllis Mak, Communications Intern at Altitude Accelerator

Making connections, partnerships and growing your company may seem like a daunting task when your business is in its start-up stage, but finding the right outlook for your company is a step in the right direction—and that’s what Corinne Sharp, President of Sharp Perspective and one of Altitude Accelerator’s Volunteer Advisors, is here to help entrepreneurs with.

Corinne was introduced to BridesMade, a Altitude Accelerator client, as a Volunteer Advisor. BridesMade is a Canadian company that gives bridesmaids the option of renting or purchasing bridesmaid dresses so they’re not forced to keep the dress after a wedding.

“Corinne has brought an amazing energy to our board of advisors,” reveals Mallory McKewen, Founder and CEO of BridesMade. “Corinne’s expertise in channel development has helped our company find several methods of getting to market to reach a wider variety of consumers. She’s been critical to defining our buyers’ journey.”

“My personal goals really emulate those of the entrepreneur. I love to help others with their business and I tend to be a ‘roll up your sleeves’ type of consultant,” explains Corinne. “Just building the strategy and plan isn’t enough for me. I like to be part of the execution and impact the results of the businesses I work with.”

Corinne helps her clients focus and develop their go-to market strategies and how they can scale for growth in areas such as business planning, sales strategies, channels and partnerships, and execution for results. According to Corinne, the ability to execute on a strong business plan is something that balances out the dream with the reality. If you are also trying to build an indirect sales channel, knowing how to build partnerships is critical.

“For start-ups, their product or solution needs to address a real need in the market with a way to monetize the opportunity,” says Corinne. “I work with them on strong execution to build sales and growth through innovative business channels and partnerships.”

With over twenty years of experience in IT, three years of volunteer experience as a Altitude Accelerator Advisor and various leadership roles in the industry, Corinne is capable of leading and guiding companies and clients through change initiatives or phases in their businesses.


When clients are in startup mode or need to optimize their current company direction, Corinne is there to guide them in the right direction and see them through to their next growth phase. “When I started Sharp Perspective four years ago, part of my business plan was to devote time to working with start up companies,” Corinne adds. “The Altitude Accelerator provided me that opportunity.”

To entrepreneurs looking to startup their own businesses, Corinne advises them to be prepared and anticipate for all the variables in their business and the market they’re trying to serve. It’s also important to be smart about investment strategies and work with a strong team of advisors—the best ones bring unique experiences and perspectives to the table.

For Corinne, having had the opportunity to so lead many change initiatives over the years has helped her guide her clients through the different phases of their businesses as a Altitude Accelerator Advisor.

“Being part of Altitude Accelerator’s Champion Series Pitch Panels is extremely rewarding,” reveals Corinne. “The great group of volunteer advisors provide real-time feedback and advice to the entrepreneurs on their approach, business plan and presentation. It’s a learning opportunity for both the presenter and the panelists every time.”


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