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RIC-WS-Logo-CATA‘Paying IT Forward’ – sharing experience and expertise with young women who are seeking guidance and support.

Mentors and role models are often critical to a woman’s decision to enter the technology sector. A mentor’s input and guidance can help build the necessary skills and confidence a young woman needs to advance in her career.

One international study found that 80% of successful women had been mentored throughout their careers, usually by more than one person.

CanWIT, as a not for profit association, is working tirelessly to encourage more women to pursue successful careers in their different technology fields, by connecting them with the networks, support and knowledge they need to excel!

To help us with this important mission, we are asking for your support to expand the new CanWIT Video Channel, the platform we are using through role model interviews to encourage women to consider careers in ICT and to encourage women already in ICT to stay in the industry and find a career path that is satisfying and enjoyable.

The new CanWIT video Channel is now being used by the general public and we are working with universities and colleges to integrate the Channel into their course content.

Our request is that you help fund the Channel’s development and production costs (e.g., videography, outreach, advocacy) by choosing one of the crowdfunding options as part of helping us reach 12K in support for the Channel.

All of the funds raised through this Campaign will be invested in developing, designing, and producing content for the CanWIT video Channel as well as a creating significant outreach and awareness to key influencers.

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