Save on Energy with the Green One: Log-One

By Phyllis Mak, Altitude Accelerator’s Communications Intern

For the future preservation of our environment, going green is a path many citizens wish to partake in. One of the options people may not realize they can incorporate into their daily routine is the regulation and control of energy managements systems (EMS) in the workplace and at home. Log-One is an efficient green energy management system created and patented by founder, co-CEO, engineer, and inventor Hugues de Milleville.

Hugues recognizes that there are a lot of people who don’t know how to make use of their thermostats; users working from offices and classrooms don’t have the knowledge or time to adjust the functions on a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat is not something anybody can just make, and Hugues realized there was a niche market for the business that he can explore.

“People install it, forget it, and save,” explains Hugues. “And that is what makes the difference.”

The original design for Log-One was intended for classrooms, where the room’s occupancy could be predicted. Log-One’s Stand Alone EMS-EDU and BACnet Compatible EMS-EDU are systems that can help schools and offices conserve and reduce their energy consumption during times when they are not in use, but the situation is different for apartment buildings. The tenants’ schedules vary greatly and the amount of people in the building can be unpredictable, so Hugues created a second type of EMS based on the first design— this time specifically for apartments (EMS-APT).

Log-One measures an impressive 35% energy savings in classrooms and offices, and 24% – 33% saving in apartments. With Log-One, the user can increase or decrease the temperatures within limit, and the motion detection feature for apartment thermostats helps predict and regulate heating, cooling, and ventilation usage without the constant need for observation or human intervention. With the involvement of those factors, Log-One can help increase the efficiency and savings on energy in a variety of different settings.

Hugues has also worked with Altitude Accelerator’s Entrepreneur-In-Residence, James Sbrolla, on the process of marketing and commercializing Log-One for a long time. “James has always been here for us, to listen and advise, and help us do the right things for Log-One’s future success.”

With a Letter of Intent from Kontrol as well, Hugues hopes they will have a successful and mutually beneficial business relationship. One of Hugues’ goals in 2017 is to continue working with Kontrol and to move the product to the next stage.

“Maintaining green energy is very important right now,” says Hugues. “The infrastructure is getting old and harder to build more, and the population is growing.” Log-One is a part of the movement to minimize the world’s ecological footprint and find ways to reduce existing consumption alongside a growing population.

Log-One is all about their users, and Hugues’ involvement with both the creation of Log-One and the implementation of intelligent, energy-conserving EMS makes going green an option accessible to all.


Congratulations to Log-One on closing the deal with Kontrol Energy (Read Story) ! You can find more information on Log-One’s green energy management systems here. You can also find more on what people say about Log-One Energy Management Systems here.

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