Richpoint Pharma Develops A Breakthrough Technology To Treat Nail Fungal Infection

By: Shamini Sellvaratnam

Do you suffer from nail fungal infection? It is estimated that about 10% of the North American population suffer from this infection. 

 Toe nail “Onychomycosis “ is a common fungal infection. Chances in getting affected are higher for people over 60, for diabetics and for patients who have lower immunity. Patients affected with nail fungus commonly suffer from physical and psychological burden including pain and a negative self-image due to deformed nails.

Current medications used to treat onychomycosis include systemic (oral) and topical medications. 
Patients who choose to take the systemic treatment, considered the standard of care, have to undergo liver enzymes tests before starting their treatment and must continue the lab work every six weeks thereafter to monitor for liver side effects. Other drawbacks of systemic treatment include several patients suffering from a complete liver failure and the lower cure rate of 40% combined with a high relapse rate.

Another current option is a topical treatment. Only one topical liquid has been approved by the US food and drug Administration for this condition, where Its efficacy rate is only 10%. Overall, Onychomycosis patients demand a better solution.

Samy Saad is a community pharmacist and founder of Richpoint Pharma, a company that has developed RAF02, a novel topical drug delivery technology that has shown 100% effectiveness in treating 15 patients with nail or toe-nail fungal infection.

Being formulated as a topical liquid, RAF02 can dissolve high concentration of Antifungal. It is applied once daily to the infected nail, targeting the fungus while at the same time forming a film that protects the infected nail from humidity until it grows clear, free from the fungus. As all RAF02 ingredients are individually FDA-approved, patients who have been treated with RAF02 have not yet reported any side-effects or resistance to the treatment.

Richpoint Pharma plans to launch RAF02 globally with a special focus on the US where there is a potential market of about 35 million patients. With his invention being patented globally, Samy Saad believes that “ RAF02 is a breakthrough technology that will make a revolution in the way nail fungal infection will be treated.”

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