RIC Client Press Release: SMARTeacher releases Prodigy™ Game

SMARTeacher releases the first education game that can respond to children’s emotions!

Mississauga, ON – July 6, 2012SMARTeacher recently announced the release of Prodigy™, the first math game that uses a bio-feedback sensor to sense and respond to a child’s emotions. “Being able to respond to the child’s emotions is everything,” said Alex Peters, the company’s Co-CEO. “By sensing when a child is frustrated, this allows Prodigy to automatically offer helpful content and easier questions. Or conversely, to switch to more difficult skills and questions when a child is growing bored.”

Disguised as a video-game, Prodigy™ is actually a powerful learning tool for children to improve their math scores. In the game, children create their own wizard avatar and battle magical creatures such as fairies and dragons by answering math questions.

In a recent focus study, Prodigy™ had been shown to improve student scores by 15% over 6 skills, and even changed children’s attitudes towards math. “My class loves this new program,” says Vivian Pengelly, a teacher at Mentor College, where the study took place. “One of my students, a bright boy who often shows inappropriate behaviours to get attention from his peers, is particularly engaged… Instead of playing his ‘M’ rated video games at home, he has spent hours practicing his math to increase his level standing.” This type of engagement has been echoed by other teachers and parents who have been exposed to the game.

“SMARTeacher’s engaging game is the perfect summer math tool,” said Karen Kearsey Carter, Mentor College’s computer teacher. It is a fun and effective way for parents and caregivers to reduce summer “learning loss” while students are away from school.

Free trials of Prodigy are now available at www.smarteacher.ca. NB: The first release of the game is a stand-alone product which adapts based on the child’s performance. Bio-feedback wristbands will be available on a first-come first-serve basis later this year to early adopters.

For all inquiries, please contact:
Rohan Mahimker, Co-CEO

About SMARTeacher: SMARTeacher is an Ontario-based eLearning company with a bold vision to revolutionize ‘personalized education’ through interactive games. Visit www.smarteacher.ca for details

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