RIC Client intrigues investors at “The Pitch”

By Shantanu Mittal

It may not have Dragon Den’s fancy sets, but the companies, the investors and the money are equally as real. ‘The Pitch’ is a new weekly show on the Business News Network that aims to connect Canadian entrepreneurs with risk capitalists who are sitting on real money. Entrepreneurs have 90 seconds to pitch their company to a panel of investors and ask for capital to fund their idea. In addition, the show is filmed 100% live and gives the viewers a chance to see how entrepreneurs react in high pressure situations.

Andrew McNabb, CEO of MetaFLO Technologies had an opportunity present his technology at the show last week. MetaFLO Technologies is an environmental technology company with a leading edge treatment process for converting liquid waste to a solid. Andrew delivered a well crafted pitch and his grasp of the company’s value proposition and business model quickly impressed the panel of investors. The panel consisting of Rick Nathan, Managing Director of Kensington Capital Partners; John Varghese, CEO of VentureLink Group of Funds and Brian Kobus, Senior Associate of Summerhill Venture Partners were all intrigued by MetaFlo’s Technology and unanimously agreed that they would be interested in talking further.

Andrew has been a client with the Altitude Accelerator for about a year and has worked closely with our Entrepreneur-in-Residence, David Pasieka in developing MetaFLO’s business strategy and investor presentation. Andrew and his fellow colleagues at MetaFLO have also attended and actively participated in Altitude Accelerator’s Growing Your Business seminars and workshops.

Watch the full show at http://www.bnn.ca/Shows/The-Pitch.aspx




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