Altitude Accelerator Welcomes Carolyn Moorlag to the Altitude Accelerator Board of Directors

Carolyn Moorlag (Sheridan) (2)

We’re excited to welcome Carolyn Moorlag to the Altitude Accelerator Board of Directors!

Carolyn is the new Director of CAMDT at Sheridan College, which is the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies. 

CAMDT is an applied research hub where the advanced manufacturing expertise and equipment at Sheridan is used to progress the technology of industry partners towards manufactured products.  Carolyn’s role at CAMDT is to continue to develop the strategy and mandate of CAMDT as an advanced manufacturing centre, and to grow applied research, particularly within highly relevant and advancing areas of manufacturing, such as automation, modelling and simulation, and cybersecurity. 

Materials science and engineering were Carolyn’s first passions and she has over 20 years of experience working on materials technologies. During her time in the industry, she gained expertise in sensing and IOT, 3D printing and prototyping, and conducting collaborative projects with industry and government partners in these areas.  She also has extensive experience in creating and filing intellectual property.

When asked what she is most looking forward to in her role with Altitude Accelerator, she said: “I look forward to conducting applied research that can be immediately impactful to local businesses and the community; such as to trigger new product development, or the implementation of a more energy efficient or safer process.”

Sheridan’s Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT), an industry partner for the Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation (SONAMI), is looking for advanced manufacturing companies interested in applied research project opportunities to develop their prototype and get to market.

“CAMDT is always open to a conversation about a potential research project.  Even if the proposed project is not the right fit, we could refer you to the right research partner at Sheridan, or an opportunity could come up at a later time,” said Carolyn.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Learn more about the program here.

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