Altitude Accelerator Client Aperio Technologies meets with MPP Vic Dhillon

Kathy and Alfred Tuitt co- founders of Aperio Technologies met with MPP Vic Dhillon through Altitude Accelerator’s Community Outreach Program.

Aperio is a human resources Software Solution developed by the local Brampton entrepreneurs that provides customers with the tools to configure systems to suit their needs. It eliminates the need for companies to invest in costly software customization to offer human resource best practices and processes to manage their workforce.

Meeting with Vic DhillonLeft-to-Right: Pam Banks, Kathy Tuitt, MPP Vic Dhillon, Alfred Tuitt

Kathy and Alfred are long time Brampton residents that established their original company, HRWARE, over 20 years ago.  Aperio Technologies is HRWARE’s trade name for the new Aperio HR product roll out.

The business model is primarily based on Subscription selling (SaaS). The market goal is to develop a global distribution network for Aperio applications.

“One of the challenges of growing a business is the complexity of the global marketplace,” said Kathy Tuitt, President.  “We have been able to access the Canadian Trade Commissioners Office and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce in order to help us develop channels abroad.”

Global competition reinforces the need for more savvy understanding and resources to grow a company.

“It’s critical to develop relationships with mentors that understand our business challenges and are able to provide guidance and advice to help us better meet our objectives,” stated Alfred Tuitt, Chief Strategy Officer.  “John MacDonald Entrepreneur in Residence at the Altitude Accelerator has been invaluable.”

MPP Vic Dhillon established a family-owned business prior to joining government.  He understands what small business owners need – and their important role in job creation in our community.

The Altitude Accelerator helps entrepreneurs fast track their business to market and is a proud member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs.

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