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Payment Evolution Logo.Default.300.RGB“No more wasting time writing cheques, stuffing envelopes or mailing payment notices – it’s all electronic and fully reconciled with your accounting system. Your bookkeeper or accountant will thank you,” says Sam Vassa, CEO of PaymentEvolution. Times have changed, and now you can make payments through PaymentEvolution, an easy to use, efficient, and secure online payment service.

About PaymentEvolution 

“Cheques are frustrating. They get ‘lost in the mail’, need to be reissued and are a pain to deposit,” says Vassa. With PaymentEvolution this is no longer a concern. PaymentEvolution makes it easier for small and mid-sized businesses to make payments to their suppliers, employees, and anyone else in Canada. It’s a secure, documented, affordable, direct, easy, and convenient method to help in paying your bills. With just a few clicks, your payment is complete.

All payments are automatically integrated with various accounting software like Xero, Kashoo, and QuickBooks Online to name a few. PaymentEvolution provides small-medium size businesses with online payroll and employee payments through direct deposit; and they make the transition simple and fast! To help start-ups, they also offer free payroll services to companies with 3 employees or less. With payroll comes pay stubs. They provide an online employee portal Paychequer which allows your employees to log in, and access their paystubs online as well as their T4’s for tax season. PaymentEvolution allows small businesses to save time and in turn money, allowing energy to be focused on the business.

Paychequer also allows employees to choose and tailor their personal benefits to their needs. “Individuals can obtain insurance ranging from vision, to comprehensive dental/professional medical services like chiropractic, massage and home care. The coverage is widely available and open to those between the ages of 18 and 74 with no termination age for coverage. This unique offering requires no medical screening – making it one of the broadest available plans in Canada”.

What makes PaymentEvolution Unique

In comparison with other applications that tackle the same problem—such as Wagepoint—PaymentEvolution has the advantage due to its advanced yet easy to use features. Wagepoint, for example, offers many of the features offered by PaymentEvolution, however, it does not:

  • Allow for the user to print out a payroll cheque (in cases where your company can’t send a direct deposit to pay an employee, PaymentEvolution provides a .pdf version to enable print-outs).
  • Offer free payroll for 3 employees or less.
  • Offer a free payroll calculator (similar to the one provided by the CRA).
  • Provide professional accounting and bookkeeping features.
  • Provide a lower cost solution (Wagepoint has a base fee of $20 per pay with an additional fee of $2 for each employee, whereas, PaymentEvolution has several monthly plans that work around a business’s budget).

While the above features are NOT provided by Wagepoint, they ARE provided by PaymentEvolution. In Michael Ford’s—president and CEO of The Ford Group Professional Corporation— assessment of both apps, PaymentEvolution received an overall rating of 4/5, while Wagepoint received a 2/5.

PaymentEvolution is the evolution your business needs. PaymentEvolution provides services to make building a business easier and more efficient. If you would like to know more about PaymentEvolution, visit their website at

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