Request for Proposals: Development Partner for a Quick Startup SOFC

NineSigma, representing a global leading manufacturer, seeks a development partner for a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) that allows quick start-up.


Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) have attracted attention for their excellent power generation efficiency. Currently, however, their application is limited to stationary power generation equipment, due to the high operating temperatures of 700 to 1000°C and the difficulty of quick startup. If quick startup of an SOFC is enabled, its applications can be expanded to non-stationary equipment (such as mobile phones, notebook computers, and automobiles). To realize these applications, it is important to shorten the start-up time and reduce the heat cycle performance degradation and weight. As an approach to solving these problems, metal supported SOFC are attracting attention, and the development of these new generation SOFCs is in progress. Intense efforts are also being made to lower the operating temperatures (<600°C) as measures to ensure the stability of SOFCs constituent materials and to control their temperature differences.

The client believes that there are researchers working to solve this issue around the world and has issued this open request to search for a qualified development partner in order to accelerate their research and development.

Key Success Criteria

Of particular interest is technology or material for manufacturing a cell having a strength to withstand large temperature differences induced by quick startup, and especially metal supported SOFCs are anticipated. More desirably, the technology to achieve a high power density at the same time is welcomed.

The deadline is Monday, March 23, 2015.

If you’d like more information, you may post questions or comments online at NineSights using the RFP link above. You can also contact NineSigma by email and with RFP# 9278035 in the subject line.

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