Ontario Investing $4 Million to Help Social Enterprises Grow

Fund Creates Opportunities for Social Entrepreneurs

To help create jobs and build a fairer, more prosperous province, Ontario is providing funding to 11 organizations that support early-stage social enterprises.

Premier Kathleen Wynne announced these investments today at the Economic Club of Canada. Through the Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund, Ontario will support 11 social finance organizations across the province. These organizations will, in turn, provide loans or grants to early-stage social enterprises, helping them start or grow their businesses. Ontario’s $4 million contribution is expected to leverage more than $6 million in investment from other sources, including the private sector.

“The social and economic aspects of our government’s plan are interconnected. A society where everyone has the opportunity to contribute in a positive way is the foundation of our future prosperity. We’re proud to invest in savvy entrepreneurs who will improve life for people in Ontario, while driving economic growth and creating jobs.”

Kathleen Wynne – Premier of Ontario

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