OCE’s TalentEdge Internship Program

Program Overview

oce talentedgeOntario’s TalentEdge Internship Program (TIP) provides support for current college and university students (specifically current graduate students and final year undergraduate students), and recent Masters graduates, to work on industry-driven research and development projects. The TalentEdge Internship Program is open to students and recent graduates from across all disciplines, and all areas of specialization.

TalentEdge internships are intended to provide interns with an experiential learning opportunity and hands-on industry experience. All internships must be project-based with clearly defined activities, milestones and outcomes. Projects must have a clearly-defined R&D component, where R&D is defined by the discipline and is inclusive of all areas of specialization and disciplines.

Each four-month internship is valued at $20,000 as follows:

  • $10,000 contribution from OCE
  • $5,000  company cash contribution
  • $5,000 company in-kind contribution

PhD graduates and post-doctoral fellows must apply through the TalentEdge Fellowship Program.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the TalentEdge Internship Program are as follows:

  • Help students and recent graduates bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing hands-on experience with companies
  • Build receptor capacity in industry for highly skilled R&D personnel
  • Provide research and development capabilities to companies
  • Improve companies’ competitiveness by attracting top talent and tapping into world-class R&D to strengthen capacity to develop new products, services, and processes
  • Develop and retain top talent in Ontario
  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge and emerging technologies from academia to industry

How Funding Works

  • Internships can be between 4-24 months in length. The maximum length is based on the educational status of the intern (refer to Eligibility section below). Each four-month internship is equal to one unit (4-month internship = 1 internship unit).
  • Internships can be based at a company or an academic institution (university or college). The amount of time spent with the company, as well as the most appropriate location for the interaction, should be mutually determined and depend on the nature and needs of the project. If internships are based at an academic institution, interns are required to spend a significant portion of their time on-site or in the field with the company.
  • Intern compensation per four-month internship unit:
    • Academic-based interns must receive a minimum compensation of $10,000 per four-month internship unit. Of the $20,000 value of the four-month internship unit, up to $10,000 may be used for direct costs of the project (this includes a part of the cash and all in-kind contribution to the internship).
    • Company-based interns must receive a minimum compensation of $15,000 per four-month internship unit. Of the $20,000 value of the four-month internship unit, up to $5,000 (company in-kind contribution only) may be applied towards direct cost of the project.
  • Overhead is not an eligible expense for this OCE program.

Flow of Funds:

OCE funds flow directly to the Applicant Organization, either the academic institution or the company depending on the primary location of the internship:

  1. Academic-based internship: OCE funds will flow directly to the academic institution. Intern must have student status for the duration of the internship.
    • Upon approval of the application, an invoice for industry cash contribution plus HST* will be sent by OCE to the company. The company has 30 days to provide their cash contribution to the project.
    • Upon receipt of the company cash contribution, OCE will release a payment to the academic institution equal to the award amount minus a $1,500 holdback per internship term.
  2. Company-based internship: OCE funds will flow directly to the company. Intern must have employee status at the company for the duration of the internship.
    • Upon approval of the application, OCE will release a payment equal to the OCE cash contribution amount minus a $1,500 holdback per internship term.

The holdback will be released upon project completion and receipt of the following: progress and final reports, proof of payroll for the intern (must include the intern’s name, company/institution name, payment periods and amounts e.g., intern pay stub, payroll print out, T4/T4A), and attestation from the financial officer/signing officer of the Applicant Organization regarding the use of funds.

* The Canada Revenue Agency requires OCE to collect HST on company contributions. Please note that HST is 100% recoverable by the company as an HST rebate. More information about HST rebate and recovery.


Application and Eligibility Details

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