NineSigma RFP: Glass Replacement for Packaging


NineSigma, representing a global materials supplier with leading market access, invites proposals for solutions based on polymeric materials that can replace glass in packaging applications.

Glass is ubiquitous in packaging applications. It is easy to understand why, given the many advantages that glass offers. Glass is inexpensive, transparent, colorless, inert, has excellent barrier properties, but is not easily formed into a wide range of shapes. Glass also has design limitations and is prone to breakage.

NineSigma’s client, a leader in higher performance materials, seeks to identify and develop new technologies to help plastics replace glass in packaging applications. Possible applications include glass bottles and ampoules. Successful solutions will address performance issues in addition to others, such as manufacturability.

The successful technology will:

  • Be transparent
  • Be inert, with no leaching into or interactions with contained materials
  • Resist acidic and basic media
  • Provide barrier properties to moisture and oxygen

Additionally, preferred technologies will:

  • Withstand high heat and humidity, ≥160°C
  • Be colorless
  • Provide good scratch resistance
  • Exhibit minimal surface energy
  • Possess low friction/lubricious characteristics

Only technologies that are demonstrable are of interest.

Criteria for Moving from Phase 2 to Phase 3

Successful proof of concept work that results in samples which meet minimum testing requirements when evaluated by the client’s technical team.

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