NineSigma Request – Experts in the Stability of Aqueous Solutions

NineSigma, on behalf of a global client, seeks Subject Matter Experts to participate in a range of compensated consulting activities related to chemical stability in aqueous solutions. Potential experts may be involved in a wide range of technical disciplines, including – but not limited to – Agriculture, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Paints, Coatings and Polymers.

Ideal candidates will have specific knowledge, demonstrated expertise, existing products, and/or ongoing research that can provide insights into current and emerging technologies or capabilities related to degradation chemistry and kinematics. Experts should have a specific understanding of one or more of the following related topics: Ingredient Interactions in Solution; Physical Stability; Thermal Stability; Photostability; or the Reaction Mechanisms of Antioxidants and Photochemical Degradation. Additionally, Experts with a detailed understanding of benchmarking or automation of stability protocols related to the manufacture and processing of aqueous solutions are of significant interest.

To respond to this Expert Request, please register with NineSigma ( and create a user profile. Following registration, please login and click “Ask To Join This Group” on the Expert Application Page referenced in the title above ( Once you have been accepted to the Application Group, please complete the short qualifications form contained therein to finalize your application.

Please note that this is a rapid identification project. All applications must be received no later than Wednesday, July 31st 2013.

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