New report shows more Canadian businesses are meeting their goals through partnered R&D with universities and colleges

On February 19th, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) released a three year progress report on its Strategy for Partnerships and Innovation. The Strategy was launched in 2009, following a year of consultations with businesses. It aims to help companies realize greater value from their investments in research and development, accelerate commercialization, and help students acquire business-focused skills.

The Interim Progress Report shows that NSERC grants awarded to researchers to work in collaboration with the business community have helped companies undertake research projects that add value to their bottom line:

  • In the past three years, the number of businesses that NSERC works with has increased from 1,500 to over 2,400 companies;
  • Industrial contributions to NSERC research partnerships are growing;
  • NSERC enabled 1,700 new projects between companies and academic researchers through the newly established NSERC Engage Grant. 94% of businesses involved described the project as a success; and
  • 10,000 students were funded to work in collaboration with industry in 2012 (up from 8,000 in 2009).

We hope you will take a moment to learn more about the results of our efforts by reading the Interim Progress Report. We look forward to future discussions and would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.


Dr. Suzanne Fortier
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research
Council ofCanada
Dr. Daniel F. Muzyka
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Conference Board of Canada
NSERC Council Member


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