Meet Mikaela Cunha, Altitude’s new Marketing & Communications Associate!


Altitude Accelerator is pleased to welcome Mikaela Cunha to the team as the Marketing and Communications Associate!

Mikaela joins Altitude after completing her bachelor’s degree at Western University in 2023. She’s a candidate for the Master’s in Management of Innovation, a renowned program offered by the University of Toronto, Mississauga. From her bachelor’s studies, Mikaela garnered much acumen in the life sciences, health promotion, data management, and statistical analysis fields. Through her post-grad work as a health payment representative, Mikaela integrated medical data and modeled critical thinking to accomplish her goals. After completing her master’s program, Mikaela hopes to impact brand image by driving attention to the mission, values, programs, and events at Altitude Accelerator.

On a more personal note, Mikaela is an out-of-the-box thinker, who enjoys discovering and ideating unique solutions to whatever challenges she may face (except solo travel).  She brings to Altitude a fresh perspective and eagerness to learn, which will bolster our marketing and communications efforts in a truly meaningful way. In addition, Mikaela is a natural-born leader in her own right. She has successfully led teams in the past, notably during her final year of study. She led the charge for a community-engaged project where she designed and implemented an innovative recycled art sculpture in the downtown core of St. Thomas, Ontario. Additionally, Mikaela also carries a strong interest in emerging innovations in the Cleantech and biotechnology fields.

Mikaela is passionate about spending time outdoors, weightlifting, creating art, recreational photography, animals, and international travel.

Welcome to Altitude Accelerator, Mikaela!

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