MaRS EXCITE now accepting applications

The MaRS Excellence in Clinical Innovation Technology Evaluation (EXCITE) program is accepting applications. Submit your health innovation by 5:00PM EDT on March 9, 2015!

What is MaRS EXCITE?

EXCITE connects health technology innovators with experienced, award-winning researchers to get the right evidence and data they need to show the value of their product and facilitates discussions with relevant health system stakeholders to determine what it takes to get their technology adopted successfully.

At the end of the program, companies will have:

  1. A robust evidence packaged, called the EXCITE core evidentiary bundle, that they can use for both regulatory or licensing approval and reimbursement and purchasing reviews
  2. experience connecting with the health system and relevant feedback concerning conditions needed for successful adoption of their technology

MaRS EXCITE Informational Session

Attend an information session with opportunities to ask questions on February 19, 2015. To register, please click here.

Check your eligibility and apply now for MaRS EXCITE!


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