Manage your mobile workforce with PaperDoDo

By: Amarpreet Kaur, Altitude Accelerator Communications Officer

logo_bHave you had to deal with employees showing up late or the hassle of illegible paperwork and timesheets? Shane Son Kee and his team had this problem, and decided to build PaperDoDo as the solution to manage their workforce.

PaperDoDo offers mobile workforce management software for fleets in industries such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, courier, pest control, and more. PaperDoDo is able to improve businesses by eliminating paperwork and increasing overall profits. The software is easy to use and affordable for small to medium sized fleets.

By eliminating 90% of the admin work and organizing a business in one place, PaperDoDo can reduce labor, gas, and admin costs. This not only improves employee productivity, but also makes operations efficient: scheduling appointments and dispatching technicians becomes easy and communication between the team can proceed without any hassle.

“RIC helped us get IBIS reports and other market data that helped us secure an investor,” says Shane, co-founder of PaperDoDo, about the services they accessed at Altitude Accelerator. For the third and fourth quarter of 2015, the startup venture is looking to ramp up their customers. With aims to scale to 10,000 paying users in the next 6-12 months, the team is also building an online presence to better interact with their customers and create a supportive and growing community. PaperDoDo has also recently hired two Google employees to their advisory board in order to meet their goals.

geotabThrough a strong partnership with Geotab, an industry leader in fleet management and vehicle tracking technology, PaperDoDo is now listed as an add-in on MyGeotab, a fleet management software available to all Geotab customers. The add-in allows customers to manage billing, time tracking, and appointments.

As part of their 2015 milestones, the team will further develop and perfect three products within their software suite: timecards, billing and scheduling. They will also focus on scaling up, and are already implementing systems to do so.

“We plan to build more products related to workforce management,” notes Shane when asked about his plans for 2016. Next year, the focus will be on hiring more developers to speed up the development process, and make customer service a priority in order to handle increased customer inquiries and ensure utmost satisfaction.

Altitude Accelerator is proud that their client was able to successfully evaluate the market through the Market Intelligence service and use the assessment to secure an investor. We wish PaperDodo continued success and look forward to working together in 2016!

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