Launch into Entrepreneurship with HumberLaunch

By Anne Servidad, Altitude Accelerator Communications Intern

Do you have an original idea that you want to build and make into a reality? Are you in the early stages of your business, and hunting for the means, guidance, and capital to propel your start-up into the market?

HumberLaunch is the on-campus destination for members and students that provides early stage start-ups with the resources they need to launch and succeed.

Services including mentorship from industry experts, informative entrepreneurial events, 3D printing capabilities, and access to funding competitions are just some of the perks that are open to members of HumberLaunch. Applicants who are beginning their gumptious venture to commercializing their business are encouraged to join. Intakes from a wide variety of industries are welcome!

HumberLaunchBlueGoldWebsiteThe program organizers at HumberLaunch coordinate, strategize, and continuously execute events and workshops like Entrepreneurship 101, Pop-Up Business Incubator, and Start-up Shop. Entrepreneurship 101 is a weekly session that introduces key ideas and topics, mainly concentrating on the basic how-to’s of building a business. The Pop-up Business Incubator are monthly interactive workshops led by industry professionals. These experienced individuals demonstrate crucial business practices that are effective in running a start-up. Start-up shop is a series of free workshops that are open to Humber students, alumni, and community members. They provide fundamental education to aspiring or current entrepreneurs looking to begin or grow their business into a successful venture.   HumberLaunch is also home to competitions like Launch Pad and New Venture Seed Fund, which can be an important source of funding for fresh and innovative projects.

As part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE), HumberLaunch aims to support the innovative, risk-taking thought process of doing things differently. This year, the ONE Partners in Peel came up with the Unlock Your Big Idea, a new pitch competition that is open to anyone and everyone running a start-up. Although the application process is now closed, HumberLaunch invites you to keep this competition in mind for next year and to come out to meet the finalists and winners at the Live Pitch Finale on May 5

“We envision a creative and engaging community in which everyone recognizes that they can inspire, transform, and contribute regardless of the individual’s circumstances. HumberLaunch actively exemplifies that in our local community so as to engage and promote the start-up ecosystem growing in Canada,” affirms Edou Hilverda, Community Outreach and Project Coordinator of HumberLaunch.

HumberLaunch focuses on companies that are concentrating on solving a real problem in our world. Do you have a creative and realistic idea that will make a difference? Can you pursue the means of doing so? Will you be committed to the growth, development, and success of your future business? Visit HumberLaunch for more information on how you can get started in launching your business!

Altitude Accelerator and HumberLaunch along with the ONE Partners in Peel, incessantly collaborate to support their clients through the start-up stages, by providing critical advice and direction at ideation and commercialization.

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