Kendall Technology: Golden Opportunities

By: Dana Bibi

Looks can be deceiving. Have you ever wondered what precious secrets Mother Earth hides under a hard, rocky exterior? A rock with a heart of gold – or even flecks of gold dust – is quickly revealed by a new technology called the “Gold Sniffer”TM.

Kendall Technology

Kendall Technology, a local start-up in Waterloo, ON, is developing the Gold SnifferTM. In fifteen minutes, this portable device detects gold in unpolished mineral samples in the field and measures the gold grade (i.e. gold concentration). No other currently existing device can achieve this level of speed and convenience in the detection of gold. The current method involves sending mineral samples to labs that use expensive equipment too bulky and heavy to be employed on-site, and requires days to weeks or even months to deliver results. The Gold SnifferTM can significantly increase the quantity of measured gold grades each day at a gold mine, providing more extensive information about the location of gold and leading to huge savings for mining firms. Kendall has patented the product in the USA and Canada with further patents pending in these countries the European Union, Australia and South Africa. Jim Kendall, President of Kendall Technology, says, “The Gold SnifferTM will increase the efficiency and profitability of the gold mineral exploration and mining industries. We plan to manufacture and support the Gold SnifferTM, and sell it to the world”.

Nourishing Success

In March 2011, Kendall met Tim Scott, a Altitude Accelerator Entrepreneur-in-Residence, at a Growing Your Business seminar. Scott became a mentor to Kendall and his wife/business partner Catherine Campbell, providing advice on training, funding, and partnership opportunities for the last three years. On Scott’s advice, Kendall approached the Ontario Centres of Excellence who recommended he speak with Conestoga College, who became Kendall’s product development partner. He was also accepted into RIC’s VentureStart Program, which provided valuable training and seed financing. Kendall and Campbell have frequently attended the RIC’s Entrepreneur Workshops, Peer-2-Peer sessions, and Growing Your Business seminars to learn about entrepreneurship principles and network with other startups. Scott states that “Jim’s openness with his technology and vision enabled us to provide direct services to fulfill his information needs. He’s a consummate professional, open to coaching and hearing what others have to say in support of helping him realize his goal of becoming a global leader in his field”. Altitude Accelerator is proud to have helped Kendall Technology on their path and look forward to an even more successful future.

Next Steps

Today, Kendall Technology enjoys a partnership with Conestoga College, Laurentian Universityand several prominent companies. In May 2014 Laurentian University, Conestoga College and Kendall Technology’s research paper about the Gold SnifferTM was presented at the Geological Association of Canada – Mineralogical Association of Canada Conference GAC-MAC which has helped to establish global credibility.   As next steps, Kendall plans to construct multiple Gold SnifferTM prototype units by July 2014, and in the autumn of 2014, supply optimized units to various gold mining and mineral exploration companies for beta-field testing.

If you are interested in Kendall Technology’s new product, please contact Kendall or If you are an entrepreneur like Kendall and you would like more information about Altitude Accelerator’s startup help services, please contact Mariya Leslie or visit

About the Author

Dana Bibi is currently enrolled in the University of Toronto’s Digital Enterprise Management and Professional Writing Programs. Her interest is primarily captivated by how information technologies influence and are influenced by globalization, and this relationship’s effect on the economy, social identity, culture, and politics. 

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