JOB OPPORTUNITY: Embedded/Hardware Developer

Altitude Accelerator’s client, a new educational startup called Prodigy, is building the world’s first educational game that responds to human emotions. They are looking for an exceptional Embedded/Hardware Developer to manage building the bio-sensor that picks up on emotions, and are offering a $2,500 referral bonus if they hire who you refer.


Company: Prodigy (SMARTeacher Inc.)
Job Title: Embedded/Hardware Developer
Job Type: Permanent, Full-time
Location: Burlington, ON

Are you a terrific Embedded/Hardware Developer who toys with programming microcontrollers and designing PCBs in your spare time? Do you like the autonomy of managing your own project and have a passion for bringing innovative new products to market? If so, we have the perfect role for you!

Our startup, Prodigy ( has a free Pokemon-style video game that is used by over 100,000 children to practice math and improve their test scores. We’re looking to push the boundaries of educational software by launching the world’s first educational game that responds to human emotions in real-time.

This would be achieved by using a bio-sensor to detect when a child is frustrated, bored, or engaged (similar to what a human tutor would do), and intelligently adapt education and game content based on the child’s emotional state. The ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between software and human tutors, so that kids everywhere can enjoy the value of hiring a $45/hour private tutor, but at a dramatically reduced cost. Here’s a quick video of the concept:

The Role: 
You will be leading our sensor development efforts by refining our current prototype bio-sensor to a market-viable product ready to launch.

The prototype functions by measuring a child’s Skin Conductance (SC or GSR) from their wrist, and transmitting it wirelessly to a computer using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This is then interpreted by our Artificial Intelligence system (which is not in the scope of this role) to make intelligent decisions on
how to adapt content within the game.

We are looking for you to:

  • Program the CC2540 system-on-chip (combined 8051 microcontroller and BLE transceiver)
  • Improve the current biological sensor pad design (i.e. smaller/better contact plates)
  • Oversee the electrical schematics and PCB layout
  • Work with an industrial designer to redesign the physical enclosure for the sensor
  • Debug the assembled boards
  • Select components for the PCBs
  • Contact various component suppliers to ensure we have the facilities to take this to production

Skills and Attributes:
We’re looking for someone with the following skills/attributes:

  • Exceptional embedded development skills (programming microcontrollers in C)
  • Experience working with RF technology (preferably Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Experience in high reliability circuit design (multi-layer PCB design experience is a big asset)
  • Experience debugging circuits with multimeters, oscilloscopes, etc.
  • Ability to source components and manage relationships with manufacturers
  • Ability to manage a PCB designer and industrial designer (who are working remotely)
  • Great interpersonal skills, and thrives in a fast-paced and dynamic startup environment

How to Apply:
Please email Rohan Mahimker at

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