Investment Activity by Canadian Angel Groups: 2010 Report

By Saadia Muzaffar

The 2010 report for the Investment Activity by Canadian Angel Groups was recently released and is the first of its kind.  This report was completed in collaboration with the Government of Canada and highlights the importance of angel investor groups to the Canadian innovation ecosystem and economic development.  Some highlights of the report include:

    • 90% of companies funded by Angel groups in 2010 were new not follow-on.
    • Angel groups collectively received around 1,850 business plans. 14% were considered in detail. Roughly 32% received investment.
    • Angels groups invested CAN$35.3 million in the 88 deals for which we have information; an under-estimate as some groups did not report the amount invested. Co-investors were involved in 58% of investments and invested at least a further CAN$29.4 million.
    • Angels invested in a wide range of industries but with a strong technology focus including: ICT sector (43%), followed by life sciences (18%) and clean tech (16%).
    • 74% of investee businesses had sales revenue in 2010.

Content summarized from NACO Blog.

If you would like additional information or have any media inquiries, please contact RIC Advisory Board Member and Executive Director of NACO, Bryan J. Watson: T: 416-581-0009 |


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