Investipal – Empowering retail investors to take control of their financial future | Success Story

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Altitude client, Investipal onboarded its’ first investment advisor who is leveraging Investipal to manage their models and share updates directly with clients on their account performance. This doubles Investipal’s assets being managed on the platform. As a result, Investipal is responsible for $200 million in investments being managed by everyday investors through its platform.

Investipal is a portfolio co-pilot for everyday investors, empowering them to build, share and to take inspiration from other investors. The company aims to aid the transformation of 150 North Americans into seasoned portfolio managers. Investipal became an Altitude Accelerator client during the development of its MVP. Following that, Investipal has since evolved as a firm, diversifying its offerings and expanding into the world of social investing.

Altitude Accelerator alum, Investipal, recently onboarded its first investment advisor, who through leveraging Investipal, is managing their models and sharing real-time updates with their clientele regarding their account performance. This now doubles Investipal’s assets being managed on the platform.

Altitude EIR, Angela Bourne, played a special role in the company’s journey, aiding primarily in the area of their marketing efforts, which including 1-on-1 check-in strategy sessions and advice on attending events to market the company. Investipal CEO, Cameron Howe, decided to join the #AltitudeCommunity due to the equity-free real assistance without dilution.

In the long-term, Investipal aspires to be the go-to solution when an individual would like to learn more about the world of investing, taking them from their investment infancy to transforming them into a fully-equipped DIY investor.

While the journey has not been easy, Howe attests that the highlight of Investipal’s journey has been in the process of receiving feedback from customers about their product and witnessing them build a highly diversified portfolio.

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