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By Mobolade Ekujumi

Did you know that contrary to popular opinion artists who sell millions of records make very little money from their album sales? It is worth knowing as a fan that when you buy your favorite band’s album on iTunes for $9.99, only about 94 cents will go to the artists if they are lucky. RIC’s client Connect2Fans is out to change that model!

Connect2Fans (C2F) is a collection of software and services designed for the Arts & Entertainment industry. C2F gives Entertainers a way to sell their Music, Books, Event tickets and other forms of Intellectual Property directly without the need for a third party mediator such as iTunes, Amazon or Ticketmaster. This can be achieved either through a customized website, the Artist’s personal website or the Facebook integrated web app.

I interviewed Jason Lavigne Creator & Co-founder of Connect2Fans Enterprises Inc. to find out his motivation developing this new software, and the potential for C2F to become an industry changer.

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  • What is the problem C2F is solving and why is it important to solve this problem especially in an Ontario context.

In 2010, The government of Ontario passed Bill 172, this bill was written specifically to address the TicketMaster practice of moving high demand tickets from their main service (primary ticket seller) to another one of their services (secondary ticket seller) for the sole purpose of charging much higher service fees.

C2F allows event producers, venue owners, Artists and Managers to become the alternative to TicketMaster and sell tickets in a fair and secure way to people in Ontario.

In addition to the above advantage, C2F also makes it possible for new and upcoming artists to sell directly to their fans without C2F adding any additional service fees to the order, this keeps the prices down for the fans while increasing the revenue for the artist making events available to more Ontario residents.

  • What does the worldwide adoption of C2F mean for the future of Digital Media? Where will/can C2F take us?

C2F can, and will, lay down the groundwork for merchants all over the world to take back control of their products and services removing the barriers that currently exists for entertainers around the world.  Also by working close with the entertainment industry, C2F will be in a position to impact the market for the better by bringing intelligent, Canadian made, software to anyone anywhere anytime.

  • What is the most promising help you have gotten from Business Professionals in Ontario?

Ontario has wonderful business networks available to new businesses like ONE, MaRS and RIC.

  • Where do you plan to take C2F in the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months, C2F plans to become the de facto standard platform for music labels across Canada and the USA empowering them to break the chains between them and Apple iTunes, TicketMaster and Amazon.  Also over the next 12 months, C2F plans to build up our management, Research & Development and Sales & Marketing teams based in Ontario.

Mo’ is a final year Student at the University of Toronto working full time with the Altitude Accelerator as the Market Analyst. He is currently enrolled in the CCIT program pursuing a specialist in Digital Enterprise Management. With a solid background in Marketing, Digital Media, E-business strategies & Public Relations, Mo’ is also a multi-talented Web designer, radio host & event promoter.

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