Internet of Things Enters the Real World!


On November 14 the Altitude Accelerator was lucky enough to host an internet of things (IoT) Technology Showcase and Demo Day at the Brampton Soccer Centre. Co-hosted by the Altitude Accelerator, Arrow Electronics, and the City of Brampton with leading partners such as Geotab, Bell, and HubSpot for Startups the day met and exceeded all of our goals!

Highlights in Internet of Things

  • Over 2 dozen companies exhibited at the event and demonstrated an astounding breadth of innovative new products. Not PowerPoint presentations or brochureware but real engineered solutions to hard problems.
  • Over 300 registered attendees circulated and received demos, played with robots, asked hard questions and evaluated solutions applicability for their industry, partnership and corporate needs
  • Fabulous presentations by Geotab and Telus focused on the growing commercialization of IoT and the changing nature of innovation
  • A specific panel on the impact of automotive electrification on the electric grid and transportation was a great example of how our infrastructure must change in order to support innovative new technologies. Panelists joined us from Geotab, Opus One Solutions, Phoenix Contact, AVIN, and CSA Group to chime in with varied perspectives.
Left to right: Angelo Rizzo, Systems with Intelligence; Wajid Muneer, Opus One Solutions; Vikas Grover, Phoenix Contact; Matt Stevens, Geotab; Raed Kadri, AVIN


  • A Sales for Startups workshop led by Hubspot for Startups; tackled the complex and hard to navigate challenge that virtually all startups face – getting customers!
  • It was a difficult call but after extensive review of startup solutions by our panel of judges vGIS was announced as our Best in Tech Award winner for their leading augmented reality (AR) platform, with Cattlescan coming in as a close runner-up. vGIS received a Hubspot for Startups package valued at 20k, a meeting with McRock Capital, 6 months free co-working space at the new Brampton Entrepreneur Centre and spot in our incubator including perks with Google Cloud for Startups, Amazon AWS, and on-demand access to our network of advisors and investors.


vGIS wins Best in Tech Award 2019
Best in Tech Award winner: Earl Shiller, vGIS pictured with judges Alex Townsend, Geotab; Andrew Opala, MIN; Michelle Chretien, Sheridan CAMDT

What did we find out from the day?

We found out that Innovation is alive and well in the western GTA!

We also found out that the Internet of Things is making the transition from the early days where disruptive companies promised a bright future to the current era of broad deployment and industry transformation.

Additionally, we found that IoT solutions are not just about connected devices and the sensors that enable them but equally about the pragmatic business needs they enable solutions to.

Telus Altitude Accelerator
Telus Altitude Accelerator

Finally, we found out that IoT solutions don’t exist in a vacuum but are intimately interconnected to other big technology trends such as big data and machine learning. In fact, you could say that in many cases Iot technologies leverage traditional databases and add new data insights that enable machine learning solutions to formerly unsolvable problems.

You’ve been hearing about IoT for a few years now but the current state of IoT is akin to the first batter in the first inning of a baseball game. Many of our startups have chosen to ride this wave and customers, investors, industries and countries are just beginning to capture the innovative value that they’re creating.


You’ll see many more startup and IoT events here in the future. Join us for an exciting ride!


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