International Startup Festival 2013


EVENT: International Startup Festival 2013
DATE: July 10-13, 2013
LOCATION: Montreal, Canada

All about the business of startups

Every year, the International Startup Festival brings together aspiring founders, ground-breaking innovators, and veteran entrepreneurs from around the world. Happening July 10-12 in Montreal, it’s the global startup community’s chance to share thoughts, do business, and have a lot of fun.

This year’s theme: STARTUP STORIES

This year, we’re focusing on the stories behind startups. From the founding legend to the cautionary anecdote, from the epic battle to the overnight success, every founder has a tale to tell. We’re putting together a lineup of the greatest startup stories—past, present, and future—by those who created them.

Stories from the past:

We’ll look back, as industry heavyweights tell us how they used technology to transform the way we live, work and play. We’ll tap into their experience, get some wisdom, and put these deep lessons to work in the next generation of startups.

Stories of the now:

We’ll look around us, hearing today’s crop of hot startups present and hustle. From our notorious elevator pitch—held in a real elevator!—to the gauntlet of unforgiving Grandmother Judges, to the main stage, startups will be front and center, convincing us to get involved in the action.

Stories for the future:

We’ll look to the years ahead, talking about trends, disruptions, and opportunities. We’ll forge connections, share ideas, and kindle relationships that will write the stories of tomorrow.

There’s nothing quite like Startupfest. Now in its third year, it’s part event, part conference, part pitch contest—and all fun. Join us in scenic Montreal in the middle of summer for three unforgettable days, and be part of the story.

Join us in Montreal for three unforgettable days this summer.

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