Innovation Concierge – Opening Doors


With one job for every four people, self-employment may become an option for some people—under the right conditions—but what are those conditions? Benefits? Flexible hours? Creative Spaces? The following survey has been set up to learn what people in the Region of Peel need to pursue entrepreneurship:

On the flip side, what are the conditions necessary for companies to increase their capacity for collaboration, to hire youth and newcomers, and to mentor others?  What, besides money, would encourage them to making changes to their practices? Input from companies is being collected using the following survey. If you represent a company, please help by completing the survey and sharing it with other companies in your network:

The findings from this research may result in services that address economic or social needs. All information gathered is considered confidential; names will not be included or, in any other way, associated with the data collected in the surveys. Furthermore, because the interest is in the average responses of the entire group of participants, respondents will not be identified individually in any way in written reports of this research.

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