Hospital Connection- Supporting Hospitals, Clinics, and New Families


By: Raj-Kabir Birk

Being prepared for parenthood is an important concern for hospitals, brands, and new parents, and Ontario-based Hospital Connection has made that concern their number one priority. Hospital Connection hopes to be the foremost donor to newborn programs in Canada, and they are well on their way to reaching that goal.

Hospital Connection introduces brands directly to new parents by donating kits filled with products to parents upon the birth of their child. This not only benefits the brands by being introduced to parents, but also improves relations between hospitals and patients. The ‘Baby Kit’ comprises of products essential for new parents, including diapers, as well as coupons that drive new parents online. The hospital may also choose to sell the kit for a nominal fee.

In 2013, Hospital Connection worked with more than 31 hospitals and 25 clinics representing over 100,000 births across Canada. This not only highlights the success to which Hospital Connection have implemented their strategy, but also the backing they have had from brands.

The Hospital Connection program is in the unique position of providing valuable benefits for hospitals, patients, and brands. Working with well-respected brands including Schick, Huggies, and Babies’R’Us also highlights the value Hospital Connection can bring to patients when they need it most.

The role Hospital Connection plays in providing support for new parents hasn’t gone unnoticed. The company has received positive press from Hospital News and Strategy Magazine, who signal the importance of Hospital Connection in helping new parents prepare for the road ahead.

The Altitude Accelerator and Entrepreneur-in-Residence James Sbrolla have been instrumental in piloting and helping Hospital Connection grow their business. This was done primarily through funding, helping Hospital Connection secure $65,000 and provided $13,800 in market intelligence research. The company has also secured $15,000 seed investment from the federal government. These funds have helped Hospital Connection realize their ambition of helping more hospitals and patients get what they need.

“Hospital Connection has donated $591,500 in products to date and will donate an additional $400,000 by June 2014,” says founder of Hospital Connection Paul Kalra. In 2014, the company hopes to keep moving towards helping a greater number of institutions. “Our goal is to continue to support hospitals, clinics, and new families in any way we can,” Paul Kalra continued. Moreover, with more new parents online, Hospital Connection is focused on doing more digitally. Paul states, “New parents have been asking us for more support when they get home and so we are now looking in ways to integrate this into our plans.” This ambitious project has already benefited countless new families, and with a strong foundation in place, it looks to continue long into the future.

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