GreenON Industries Provides Funding for Industrial GHG Reduction Across Ontario

Reduce greenhouse gas pollution with project funding through the Green Ontario Fund and Ontario Centres of Excellence. Funding is available to large emitters and other industrial, commercial and institutional facilities with projects designed to reduce greenhouse gas pollution in buildings and the production of goods.

The GreenON Industries program aims to generate measurable and deep greenhouse gas pollution reductions and increase the competitiveness and sustainability of Ontario industry, while increasing awareness and understanding of greenhouse gas pollution reduction strategies. The projects deployed through this program will help Ontario meet its 2020 and 2030 pollution reduction target as identified in Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan.

What you can get

Two streams are available under the GreenON Industries program:

The Technology Deployment Stream offers up to $5M in funding for each eligible greenhouse gas pollution reduction project. This stream supports projects involving large industrial emitters where a component of the work may involve a partnership with a solution provider (e.g. clean technology companies).

The Large-Scale Technology Deployment and Facility Modernization Stream offers up to $20M for each eligible project. This stream aims to stimulate the deployment of proven technologies and approaches in industrial application to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

Eligible deployment projects may fall into the following categories

Industrial Point Source: Technologies that reduce greenhouse gas pollution through more sustainable approaches at industrial production sites.

Value Chain: Technologies that reduce greenhouse gas pollution through more sustainable approaches introduced into the industrial value chain. Value chain pollution reduction can occur either upstream or downstream from the large emitter facility. However, reductions must occur in Ontario.

Carbon Capture and Utilization: Technologies that involve new and innovative uses of carbon dioxide.

New Net Zero or Near Zero Carbon Emission Projects: New projects that do not contribute to or that minimize increased greenhouse gases of the province (exclusive of offset purchase).

Other categories will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Technologies deployed under the program should be commercially proven and ready for quick deployment to meet targets set out in the Climate Change Action Plan.

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