Grant Thornton webinar on Raising your game: Helping you move to the next level of play

Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Time: Noon to 1:00 p.m. EST
Register now: Raising your game (link no longer available)

Canadian manufacturers continue to feel optimistic about their growth opportunities in the next year – they expect to hire more employees, add new lines of business and enter new markets. However, as companies grow in size, they must “raise their game.” Becoming more purposeful and sophisticated in their approach to strategizing and managing their business risks is critical to supporting sustainable growth.

Join Grant Thornton’s national webinar on April 23 for a discussion on how to “raise your game” by

  • capitalizing on current growth opportunities in the manufacturing sector;
  • understanding how other manufacturers are taking advantage of these opportunities;
  • reducing the unknowns associated with expansion into new geographic markets;
  • proactively identifying and managing the risks that can impact your growth; and
  • becoming aware of the specific risks and obligations associated with recent changes to international and Canadian corruption laws.

Grant Thornton LLP presenters

  • Jim Menzies, National Leader, Manufacturing Industry
  • Rosanna Lamanna, Partner, Manufacturing Industry
  • Doug Steele, Partner, Business Risk Services
  • Sandy Boucher, Forensic Investigator

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