Good Robot completes field trials with George Brown College, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and the Toronto Memory Program

TORONTO, August 28, 2013 – Good Robot Monitoring Inc., a company with the mission to keep seniors living in their own homes longer, has completed rigorous field trials of their home monitoring solution. Field trials to test Good Robot’s systems and seniors’ wants and needs were completed in conjunction with George Brown College, the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and the Toronto Memory Program.

Some of the key findings included:
• After using the system for 2-3 months, the majority of seniors would recommend the system to others.
• While monitoring is not a replacement for care providers, it can provide a much needed break for both the family and professional caregiver.
• Rich feedback was supplied by both seniors and caregivers on helpful new features. In particular, a solution to monitor stove safety was highlighted as something that would be especially helpful in supporting safety and enabling senior independence.
• Good Robot also learned how to optimize and improve the operation and deployment processes.

“These are important developments as we continue to reach our goal of keeping seniors independent for as long as possible,” said Good Robot CEO Alan Majer. “We have three strong partners that were critical in helping us demonstrate that our products can improve the well-being of seniors who choose to age at home”.

Good Robot uses common sense and technology to alert caregivers when everyday living patterns are different in seniors’ homes. For example, if the refrigerator or medicine cabinet has not been opened or water has not been used then caregivers are sent automatic alerts recommending a call or visit to the senior’s home, depending on level of urgency.

For as little as $30 per month, caregivers receive electronic updates about loved ones’ activities in their home that are not intrusive but allow seniors the independence of living on their own.

“Good Robot’s service helps seniors live where they want to live, in their own home, for as long as possible without electronic intrusion,” says Robert Luke, AVP Research and Innovation at George Brown College. “It’s an innovation to market that reaches not only the average Canadian but also our overtaxed health care system. George Brown is focused on working with industry partners like Good Robot to foster Canadian innovation and increase our productivity as a nation. This is especially important in healthcare, where innovations like Good Robot’s is sorely needed.”

One-quarter of Canadians – whether daughters, sons or other younger relatives – are caregivers, often juggling careers, children, and caring for their aging parents. “Their lives are busy enough and Good Robot is a sensible way to gain peace of mind by keeping track of parents or other loved ones before an emergency occurs by using technology to extend human capability,” said Dr. Alex Mihailidis, Senior Scientist at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.

“Cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other age-related cognitive impairments are approaching an epidemic level in the country. Assistive technology, such as Good Robot’s monitoring solution is beneficial in maintaining independence, functional autonomy and dignity for seniors,” says Dr. Sharon Cohen, Director Toronto Memory Program.

“We believe that our low-cost system that wirelessly automates and monitors a senior’s residence supports people’s desire for independence, confidence and safety while providing peace of mind for caregivers. It makes sense to alert caregivers of potential issues before a traumatic event has happened. Waiting until after the trauma is in no-one’s best interest,” says Alan Majer.

About George Brown College: 
Toronto’s George Brown College has established a reputation for equipping students with the skills, industry experience and credentials to pursue the careers of their choice. The college offers programs from its three main campuses located across the downtown core, including its newest location at the Toronto waterfront, which opened in September 2012. George Brown offers 135 full-time programs and 189 continuing education certificates/designations across a wide variety of professions to a student body of over 24,500 (full-time equivalent) students, including over 3,200 international students; and over 61,000 continuing education registrants. Students can earn certificates, diplomas, postgraduate certificates, apprenticeships and

About Toronto Rehabilitation Institute:
One of North America’s leading rehabilitation sciences centres, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute is revolutionizing rehabilitation by helping people overcome the challenges of disabling injury, illness or age related health conditions to live active, healthier, more independent lives. It integrates innovative patient care, ground breaking research and diverse education to build healthier communities and advance the role of rehabilitation in the health system. Toronto Rehab, along with Toronto Western, Toronto General and Princess Margaret Hospitals, is a member of the University Health Network and is affiliated with the University of

About Toronto Memory Program: 
Toronto Memory Program is an independent medical facility and research centre for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related

About Good Robot:
We’re helping seniors before an incident or emergency occurs. Good Robot is a low-cost system that automates and monitors a senior’s residence in order to support their independence, and provide peace of mind for caregivers. Good Robot uses technology to monitor openings of home refrigerators, external doors and medicine cabinets, sensors to turn on lights to prevent falls, motion, and more. For as little as $30 a month, Good Robot has several products that allow caregivers to stay in touch remotely and check on the status and well-being of seniors at home, as well as other products such as automated lighting systems based on motion

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