Good Robot closes financing deal, set to begin in-home trials so seniors can live independently & caregivers rest easier

TORONTO, May 27, 2013 – Good Robot Monitoring Inc., an innovator helping seniors to live independently in their own homes, has announced the closing of its first round of financing and smart-home technology trials for its first 250 customers.

Good Robot uses common sense and technology to alert caregivers when everyday living patterns are different in seniors’ homes. For example, if the refrigerator has not been opened or water has not been used then caregivers are sent automatic alerts recommending a call or visit to the senior’s home, depending on level of urgency.

“We believe that our low-cost system that wirelessly automates and monitors a senior’s residence supports people’s desire for independence, confidence and safety while providing peace of mind for caregivers. It makes sense to alert caregivers of potential issues before a traumatic event has happened. Waiting until after the trauma is in no-one’s best interest.” said Alan Majer, founder of Good Robot.

Good Robot monitoring starts at less than $30 per month.

Demographics and opinion surveys tell us seniors are the fastest-growing age bracket in Canada and that almost all want to live in their own home for as long as possible. For example, within 20 years, the number of seniors over the age of 65 will double in Ontario to 4 million.

Already today, one-quarter of Canadians – whether daughters, sons or other younger relatives – are caregivers in Canada. “Their lives are busy enough and Good Robot is an affordable way for them to keep track of parents or other loved ones under their care by using technology to extend human capability,” Majer says.

Good Robot uses technology to monitor openings of home refrigerators, external doors and medicine cabinets, sensors to turn on lights to prevent falls, motion, and more.

“And best of all, the networked devices and smart-home technologies are behind the scenes so seniors just go about their lives independently without needing to be particularly tech savvy,” Majer says.

The latest funding at Good Robot will be used to:

  • Enhance the product and technology platform;
  • Protect intellectual property;
  • Accelerate early-stage customer adoption.


About Good Robot:

Good Robot is a low-cost system that automates and monitors a senior’s residence in order to support their independence, and provide peace of mind for caregivers.

Good Robot has several products that allow caregivers to stay in touch remotely and check on the status and well-being of seniors at home. For Example, Caregiver Connect™ automatically detects changes in activities via motion sensors placed around the home or residence and sends data directly to an online portal for viewing and monitoring.  Alerts for urgent or unusual patterns are also sent to family members or caregivers for immediate response. The Healthy Living Solution monitors health and wellness by tracking and sharing weight and blood pressure measurements wirelessly from a wireless weigh scale and blood pressure cuff. Measurements are electronically recorded and can be shared among family or caregivers. Customized alerts will remind you to take your measurements on a regular basis. SafeLight™ improves lighting safety within the home by enabling the senior to turn on lights quickly and safely via a handheld remote control or remotely by a family member or caregiver. Our system is an essential part of fall prevention for seniors by providing adequate lighting. Lighting data can be accessed by family members or caregivers to help detect irregular sleeping patterns.

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