Getting personal with the Internet of Me

The Internet of Things is becoming a big part of our lives as everything is getting more connected. The fastest growing adopter of IoT is agriculture. In order to feed the Earth’s growing population, farmers are adopting technology to increase production.

Greg Dashwood, Product Lead for the Internet of Things at Microsoft Canada, kicked off the Driving Dream conference with examples of Canadian innovation from agricultural farms to wind farms.

FarmersEdge, uses IoT technology to map out weather, soil content and more. This information, helps farmers make better decisions, use their land more efficiently and get better yields. These new farming practices improves sustainability for a growing global population.

Dashwood highlighted “…. the potential of IoT” at the 2nd Annual Driving Dreams event hosted by Altitude Accelerator, Arrow Electronics and I-CUBE at the exclusive VIP reception.

VIP guests included MP Nina Tangri Mississauga – Streetsville; MP Deepak Anand – Mississauga – Malton; Sheref Sabawy- Mississauga – Erin Mills; and City of Mississauga Councilor Karen Ras.

Driving Dreams: IoMe sparked provocative conversation about how IoT intersects with technologies such as digital health, smart mobility, industry 4.0 and advanced materials. Most importantly, it was about bringing together industry, academia and entrepreneurs to answer some of the most critical questions affecting each sector.

The Smart Mobility panel highlighted autonomous vehicles, infrastructure and key requirements for adoption with featured experts from Innovation Factory, SOTI Inc. and more.

Chadi Elkadri, Chief Innovation Officer at SOTI Inc., said, “The future of Smart Communities will be reliant on IoT and mobile devices to bridge our connectivity. The data acquired through these devices will be pivotal to create data driven resident experiences.”

Driving Dreams: IoMe also featured an emotional keynote from former IndyCar driver Sam Schmidt. Schmidt was tragically injured in a crash in 2000 and lost the use of his limbs. Over the last few years, Schmidt has worked closely with Arrow Electronics to develop a semi-autonomous car that could be driven solely using head movements. For the first time in nearly two decades, he was able to get back on the track and go on to become the first quadriplegic to be granted a driver’s license.

“Arrow works with innovators and helps them navigate a complex world, developing practical solutions by connecting them to resources and industry,” stated Trevor Bingham, Arrow Electronics Canada. “We believe in the power of connections and value the partnerships with Altitude Accelerator and I-CUBE to bring thought leaders together and explore applications from digital health, industry, new material and the impact they have on our lives.”

Driving Dreams highlighted technology and the impact it has on how we live and work. Special thanks to our speakers, panelists, and moderators.  This conference was delivered in partnership with Innovation Factory, SOTI and Microsoft as well as the ONE network partners.


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