Getting creative with Working Improv at #IdeasConverge

"Improv and Innovation", RIC Convergence Conference 2015

WORKING IMPROV™ partnered with RIC to connect and get creative at the RIC Convergence Centre event September 18th.

Improvisation is similar to innovation as it is about listening, collaborating and harnessing the power of imagination. The power of improv comes from the learned skill of being able to think on your feet, similar to the requirements of an entrepreneur in startup mode. We do this by integrating the philosophy and basic improv foundation of “Yes, and.” Opening the world to a place called “Yes” broadens our scope of possibility.

Steven Johnson, author of ‘Everything Bad is Good for You’ and ‘How We Got to Now – Six Innovations that Made the Modern World’, speaks of the origins of innovation, in which he argues that good ideas emerge from people collaborating to cobble together something new using parts that are lying around.

WORKING IMPROV introduced two quick improv exercises at the event, show casing expertise in a fictional Ostrich Breeding start-up

Instruction, like life, cannot always be planned, especially when developing the skills to interact with real life situations and problems. And as any entrepreneur will tell you, Murphy’s Law supplies a steady supply of those problems, especially those that which they can’t control. This is the improv mindset, works well for business as there are no dead ends, only new challenges.

Working without a script, creating something of our nothing and collaborating with teams are encapsulated with WORKING IMPROV’s 3 A’s:

Accept – Hone skills in listening and observation.
Acknowledge – Learn to be present and open in the moment
Accelerate – React spontaneously and seamlessly to present new perspectives.

The partners of WORKING IMPROV were inspired by the Altitude Accelerator. The day was like a “chocolate cake that you couldn’t get enough of”. Board Chair Paul Berlin spoke with pride of the people, the ideas, the philosophy and future of Altitude Accelerator. Clients spoke with excitement. It was a “Yes…and” kind of day and we were happy to play a small part.

Did you miss the Working Improv workshop at Altitude Accelerator’s Convergence event? Working Improv is holding an “Executive Presence for Women” workshop on Thursday, October 22, 2015 from 8:30am to 1:00pm at Hard Rock Cafe! Click here for more info.

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