There’s a new genetic start-up on the scene and they’ve got the tech savvy tools to deliver better healthcare.

By: Ruslan Dorfman & Simone Panesar

Ever considered getting a genetic test? It’s not completely unheard of these days. People go to great lengths to collect and analyze extensive data sets in order to tackle a problem with a greater knowledge base to improve outcomes.

Your genome is largely fixed in time and can be consistently referenced from birth till death. This genetic information is beneficial in providing a reference standard to the medicines you introduce into your body and can give an accurate prediction of how you will respond to any given drug. Therefore, the additional information gained from genetic testing is beneficial in supplementing a doctor’s diagnosis and can save time by avoiding the trial and error of testing new medicines, mitigating adverse side effects and giving doctors the ability to develop strategies for personalized treatment and prevention.
GeneYouIn, a company founded by genetic researcher Dr. Ruslan Dorfman, is part of this health care breakthrough of leveraging genetic information to improve the efficacy of treatment options. The biomarkers gathered from participants provide additional data points for disease databases and allow researchers to identify new patterns and develop hypotheses for disease etymology; ultimately getting knowledge on how to catch a malady in an earlier stage and develop strategies to prevent it.

GeneYouIn has differentiated itself in the market of genetic testing through the development of a secure and friendly mobile application called PillChecker, along with associated software and a credible database. PillChecker compares your genome against its database, runs the algorithm, and provides results detailing your predicted drug responses to an up-to-date list of common drugs (>=65) including evidence and links to related reference material. These results can be downloaded as a secure PDF report which makes your genetic information accessible and useful in any situation, such as a doctor’s visit.

For more information on GeneYouIn, please visit or contact Poonam Jassi at 1-877-409-3629 or via email

Ruslan Dorfman, PhD, MBA, is a molecular geneticist who founded GeneYouIn to deliver the most advanced forms of genetic testing to Canadians. Dr. Dorfman has co-authored over twenty-six peer-reviewed publications on the genetics of Cystic Fibrosis, disease modifying genes, pain genetics and pharmacogenetic strategy.

Simone Panesar joined Geneyouin’s marketing team because of her strong support of the initiative to distribute the knowledge of personal genetics and how it helps to optimize medication type and dosage, ultimately improving the standard of health care delivered uniquely to patients.

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