G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit

72aaebf2db92c4cb1c4ea733fa6aab75_LThe G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) is a global network of young entrepreneurs and the organisations that support them. It was established to convene each year in advance of the G20 Summit, with the aim of championing the importance of young entrepreneurs to the G20 member nations, to share examples and practices and help create new policies.

On the agenda this year, we are looking at how entrepreneurship can help reduce youth unemployment. Global unemployment is at world record rate with 73.4 million young workers worldwide reported unemployed in 2013. Youth unemployment has incredibly negative social, political and economical implications and it is a critical topic to tackle as part of the G20 summit.

We produced a short video to introduce the event as one solution to help change the world and contribute to solving world youth unemployment:

Please access this link for more info -> G20 Summit

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