Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit

By: Matthew Kert

The entrepreneurial state in Canada is booming. Because of the increase in technology available, Canadian entrepreneurs now have a lot more opportunities to grow their businesses. We now have a ton of resources at out disposal to help along the way. Social media has allowed us to network and reach out to people who not only want to help but invest as well. Satish Kanwar, who is one of the creators of the widely popular Task Ave. (winner of a previous Toronto Startup Weekend event and Speaker at the upcoming Peel event), said that “Toronto is the hotbed in Canada for tech. innovation. Start-ups here work together really well to help each other succeed, because we realize that together we can make a greater impact on our technology environment and our city’s ability to innovate.”

A few things have helped foster this new attitude. One such new idea is the creation of Community Innovation Spaces. In the process of any start-up, there is always a prototyping stage. It can be difficult to find the resources you need to create something and test it, even in the technology sector. Community Innovation Spaces gives entrepreneurs the space and equipment that would not be normally available. These are areas “such as makerspaces, hackerspaces and fabrication labs.” With them, it promotes an ecosystem that sustains and fosters the entrepreneurial spirit.

As well, events like Startup Weekend Peel bring creative people together to form possibly the next great innovation. The event creates a space where people can share and create, a sort of global innovation space moving from city to city. You can be a part of the next great idea! Join other creative entrepreneurs between October 19th and the 21st at the new Sheridan Hazel McCallion Campus to pitch your idea or join a team. You never know what may happen!

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Matthew is a final year undergraduate student majoring in Communication, Culture & Information Technology and Psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga. He is interning at the RIC centre and is responsible for managing various social media events the company has to offer. He is very interested in advertising and marketing with a strong background in online marketing.

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