Federated Networks: Your One-stop Shop For Internet Privacy And Security

4965657af186b9092c7a96976ffe881c_MFebruary 8, 2013

If you’ve been following the tech pundits’ forecasts for 2013, we are facing an exponential growth in the number of internet connected devices. And as is the case with any mass influx, we are also exponentially more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and everyone from individuals to large corporations are scrambling to protect their own and their clients’ privacy online.

Federated Networks (FN) has created what they define as ‘uncompromising Internet security and privacy protection software’ enabling users to connect securely to all things digital. The company’s product suite is called Hack Jacket and protects the user’s data, content and communications against the internet’s most pervasive threats. FN prides itself in having created a solution in Hack Jacket that is user-centric; which means that users are always in control of their data and who can access it – anywhere and everywhere, including the fact that FN also cannot access user data.

The co-founders of the company are David Lowenstein and Risu Na. David, the CEO, brings over 20 years of senior leadership experience, including being the board chairman of The Princeton Review. Risu, the CTO, is responsible for product architecture and implementation. He has been the driving force behind the creation of the company’s ‘unbeatable’ cyber-security solutions.

When David and Risu approached Altitude Accelerator for support in growing FN, they were connected with numerous advisors and mentors who helped fine-tune their business development strategy. RIC’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence introduced the co-founders to contacts at the largest enterprise technology firm.  Microsoft, which allowed them to engage in Windows beta product completion. Moreover, major problems facing FN were discussed and resolved via Altitude Accelerator’s ICT Advisory Board which provides expert advice to emerging tech companies. Lastly, because the company was entirely self-funded by management since its inception, Altitude Accelerator introduced the co-founders to the Angel One Investor Network where they were able to network with accredited investors and begin to build inventor-investor relationships.

Thus far, NF has pre-launched their product at the DEMO conference in Silicon Valley and successfully completed a testing of Hack Jacket’s security properties by an independent evaluator: the BT Ethical Hacking Center. The major plans for 2013 include launching a beta of the desktop, smartphone and tablet products and releasing an online series educating consumers about internet attacks and the protection Hack Jacket offers. David and Risu also plan to form an official Advisory Board for Federated Networks and begin obtaining funds to further grow their company.

With a team of twelve and a product suite that boasts the ability to stop attacks other products simply can’t, David and Risu are well on their way to becoming a real threat to market giants such as Symantec and McAfee.

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