Episode 13 – Innovating Pet Food Sustainability with HOPE Pet Food

Kasey Dunn, co-founder of HOPE Pet Food, tells us about her vision to make higher quality and sustainable pet food.

About HOPE Pet Food and Co-Founder Kasey Dunn

HOPE Pet Food produces dietary food and treats that are made of insects, yeast, algae and plants. Insects have higher concentrates of protein, are less likely to be allergenic to animals, and are a greener source since they are less resource-demanding. HOPE takes nutrients seriously while ensuring your pets love them as well!

As an entrepreneur and the “parent” of three cats and three dogs, Kasey figured out the limitations of traditional meat-based pet foods and their non-sustainable ingredients. With the belief to branch a better lifestyle into her pet ownership, Kasey began to seek a new type of pet food to eliminate those defects. Kasey is working with a core team of an engineer, a nutrition specialist, a marketing specialist, and her dog Jasper (an avid taste tester) to develop high-quality pet foods.

Learn more about HOPE Pet Food on their website.

About Host Patrick McGuire

Patrick is a creative entrepreneur, team leader, and Altitude Accelerator board member who has focused on the sales and success of companies including: HR tech, fintech, sports tech, Software-as-a-Service, cannabis (CBD / THC), nutrition, health and wellness, fitness corporations, and business of all sizes with a love for helping business grow and scale from $500k to north of $50m. With an entrepreneurial mindset focused on team-building, his ethical leadership delivers win-win solutions for his companies and clients.