Entrepreneurship vs. Self Employment

By Bryan Watson

There are as many different types of business owners as there are businesses. Outlined in a great article in The Economist these differences can greatly affect not only the business but also how small companies affect the economy as a whole.  Two very distinct variations of business owners are “entrepreneurs” and “self-employed” the difference being their views on growth.  Self-employed small business owners are content with a stable business that can operate using the standardized channels of operations and financing such a bank loans.

Entrepreneurs on the other hand tend to work in a much more radical manner with fewer limitations on their operations.  This allows them to create not only new business but in some cases completely new industries. They are driven to accomplish and to create not simply operate. This variety of business owner operates at times far from the realm of self-employed business owners and need a different set of resources to operate. Unfortunately and until recently these needs have not been met as policy makers have focused on supporting small business with resources suited to self-employed owners.

As a source of growth for the economy entrepreneurial needs must be addressed by policy makers to ensure they are able to maximize their contribution to the economy. The great thing about entrepreneurs is even with limited resources they have again and again changed the face of business.  Imagine what they will be able to do if their needs a addressed by policy makers!

Check out  “Entrepreneurship does not equal Self Employment”  in The Economist at:


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