Drug Discovery and Development in Post-Genomic Era Conference

Date: May 26-28, 2015
Venue: Chelsea Hotel, Toronto

The conference highlights the transformative technologies that are revolutionizing drug discovery and development that have come about since the sequencing of the human genome–new imaging tools, mass spectrometry applications, and genome wide assays that provide innovative solutions to take the pharma and biotech industry to the next level.

The opening session, The Future of Pharmaceutical Sciences, will address the status of pharmaceutical sciences in Canada and will discuss the overall financial and strategic support of the field by the federal and provincial governments.
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Conference Draft Program

Sessions include:

  • The Future of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • The Evolving Business of Pharmaceuticals
  • Analysis of Peptide and Protein Drug Targets by LC/MS/MS
  • Mucosal Drug Delivery
  • New Methodologies of Genome Wide Target Validation
  • Regulatory Updates and Developments
  • Antibody-based Therapeutics
  • Imaging in Drug Delivery
  • Nuclear Receptors in Drug Discovery
  • IV-IVC Modeling and Simulation as a Tool to Facilitate Drug Development and Marketing
  • Pharmacogenomics in Drug Development
  • Bioavailability of Novel Dosage Forms


Vaccine Innovation Conference – Tuesday, May 26, Chelsea Hotel (separate registration).

Topics for discussion include: a summary of vaccine research and development in Canada; bacterial vaccines; viral vaccines; formulations, delivery and bioprocessing; and strengths and gaps in the Canadian vaccine landscape.

Canadian Biomaterials Society Conference, held at University of Toronto – a limited number of registrations for Friday, May 29, are available to registrants of the CSPS/CC-CRS Conference.

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