Driving Dreams Conference: Using Technology to Do What’s Never been Done Before.

Learn about evolving developments in IoT, AI, and big data.

A misconception of the term “innovation” is that it always means the invention of new things. What most people fail to recognize is that it also means pioneering different methods of existing concepts or products. For example, innovation is taking all the existing hardware of a car, connecting it together in a different way, and allowing a quadriplegic racer to drive again. Such a miracle was made possible by Arrow Electronics. Sam Schmidt, a former Indy race car driver, became paralyzed from the shoulders down after a tragic car crash in 2000. He thought he would never be seen behind a wheel again but now due to IoT (internet of things) advancements, Sam can pursue what he loves most by simply tilting his head.

Feeling inspired? Driving Dreams is a play on words as not only will Sam Schmidt be a guest speaker at the event, but the conference will also bring you a step closer to achieving your own dreams. The future of innovation rests in IoT, AI (artificial intelligence), and big data which are nowadays widely used as disruptive technologies that are changing the world and the way we think. Such changes are not limited to healthcare and assisted living, in fact, CRM businesses in Canada are expected to make 32 Billion in revenue by 2021 due to AI (Zubairi, 2017).  It is also expected that 50 Billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020 causing Canada to spend 6.5 Billion on IoT (Dingman, 2015). Finally, businesses using data and machine learning expect 430 Billion in productivity benefits in the near future (Marr, 2016).

On July 13, the Altitude Accelerator is partnering with Arrow Electronics to showcase SAM (Self-Autonomous Motorcar). Leading-edge technology companies such as Intel, Bosch, TE Connectivity, Cypress, Molex and AVX will also be there to show you what’s never been done before, featuring Marcellino Gemelli and Paul Smith as panelists. Driving Dreams will provide you with the opportunity to learn about examples and see demonstrations of how such a connected future will affect your business, shift different industries, revolutionize your life, and how you can tag along for the ride. Register now to witness a breaking ground for the future of innovation.

Join Altitude Accelerator, Arrow Electronics and I-Cube at University of Toronto Mississauga to be inspired, learn about the future, change the way you think, and drive your dreams forward!

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