DRAM Innovations goes global with new Stop the Drops campaign through “the world’s crowd-funding platform”, Indiegogo

Brampton, Ontario – August 29, 2013 –DRAM Innovations is excited to announce the launch of their international Stop the Drops campaign on Indiegogo, a global web based, crowd-funding platform.

The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness to the amount fuel which drips from a nozzle when a customer fills up their vehicle at gas pumps. The official launch date of the campaign is September 2nd, 2013 and is expected to engage thousands of people around the world.

According to Devin Ramphal, CEO of Dram Innovations, “Our No Drip-1 technology which is featured in this campaign has made significant progress, and now we are offering the community an opportunity to take part through our Indiegogo campaign.”   Mr. Ramphal stated, “Dripping fuel is an unnecessary waste, the ND-1 offers a solution to this problem.”

Becoming a ‘backer’ or supporter of the Stop the Drops campaign on Indiegogo is easy. DRAM offers unique perks to best suit each contributor’s interest and contribution level. For example, our ECO Pack 4 offers supporters the chance to have a tree planted in their name in a boreal forest in Western Canada. This perk is just one of the many ECO Packs available. To get involved be sure to check out DRAM’s Indiegogo page on September 2nd at www.Indiegogo.com.

About DRAM Innovations:
DRAM Innovations (www.DRAMInnovations.com) is a Brampton-based company that was featured on a special “Future Now Energy Innovation” episode of Dragons Den in 2012, where they placed second across Canada. DRAM Innovations has developed a new spout design for fuel nozzles, also known as the No Drip-1 (ND-1), that will minimize the loss of fuel at gas pumps. The DRAM team consists of a group of young, motivated professionals with a passion to make the world cleaner and healthier. DRAM has made tremendous progress over the past year, forming strategic relationships with McMaster University, Federal Development (FedDev) Agency and the Regional Innovation and Commercialization (RIC) Centre, which all continue to support the dripless technology.

About Indiegogo: 
Indiegogo (www.Indeigogo.com) is a leading international crowd-funding platform that provides resources and support to help campaigns raise funds. Indiegogo’s mission is to empower people around the world to share their ideas and accomplishments. The website continues to support a range of industries and has raised millions of dollars for thousands of international campaigns. Indiegogo believes that, “anyone, anywhere who is passionate and works hard should be able to raise money.”

Devin Ramphal
DRAM Innovations
Telephone: 647-200-3078
Email: devin.ramphal@draminnovations.com


Addendum : The Indiegogo campaign for DRAM can be found here. http://igg.me/at/DRAM/x/2843087



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