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Twice a year Altitude Accelerator’s incubator helps high potential tech startups grow their go-to-market capabilities and champions them towards scale. Through personalized mentorship with experienced Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, investor meetings, entrepreneurial training, a close-knit network of other founders, and access to key resources and professional service providers, our incubator tenants enter an environment with the necessary tools to challenge their status quo.

Cleantech and healthtech and IoT, oh my!

We were thrilled by the quality and quantity of founders that applied to be a part of our February 2020 incubator cohort. The competitive applicant pool made the selection process quite difficult, but we ultimately landed on 13 ventures to work with over the next 6 months. The diverse group features IoT, healthtech, cleantech, software, and hardware ventures that are working squicky towards sustainable scale.

Learn more about the companies below:


e-Zn has a zinc-based energy storage technology that can be up to 80% less expensive than comparable lithium-ion systems for long-duration applications, operate from -30°C to 60°C, is made of abundant and recyclable materials, and is completely safe.


CloserCollab takes your daily admin tasks and transforms them into super user-friendly digital workflows. We reduce 90% of the time you spend acquiring, training and managing staff so you can focus your energies on growing your business. 

Skill Squirrel

Skill Squirrel is a verifiable credentialing service that brings partners in workforce development together to make sure everyone’s capabilities and achievements are visible online to enable skills-based hiring. 

Mary Ag

Mary is an agricultural automation platform. Its first commercialized product is a high-efficiency single plant enclosure that is ideal for growing cannabis at home. Anyone can grow a plant regardless of their amount of experience or time constraints.


Monroe Advanced Robotics Systems

Monroe’s mission is Lifesaving Trauma Stabilization to help save the lives of trauma victims, who otherwise die unnecessarily. We do this by extending their trauma victim’s “Golden Hour” through direct trauma specialist guidance and physician oversight.

Beyond Frontiers

Delson Aeronautics

Delson Aeronautics develops Ultra-Quiet, High-Thrust Propulsion Systems for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft that limit environmental impact and enable new capabilities in aircraft design.


NADPE developed a marketplace to help new car dealerships get rid of the slow-moving parts inventory that they can not return to the manufacturer for credit, and lack sales demand to sell on their own. 


CRAFTS is a cloud based management system for daycare operators that modernizes their practice. Early Childhood Educators are able to better manage their operations by streamlining data into an All-In-One platform.


SnowM focuses on transforming SMEs into digitally empowered business using the transformational power of IoT. SnowM’s smart solutions merge software, hardware, machine learning, and AI to gather business intelligence. It helps SMEs to achieve higher accuracy and efficiency to accelerate business growth. 

Cedallion Systems

For Individual Property Owners who suffer from loss of rental income and trouble tenants, utilizing the power of Machine Learning & AI technologies, Cedallion Systems have developed a data analytics platform that help identify bad tenants before they become bad and help reduce the cost of property management.


Lifeaccount is an online platform for flexible employee health benefits. Traditional group benefits plans are well known for high costs, increasing premiums and unreasonable health category limits. With Lifeaccount, business owners can setup online and offer employee benefits in 20 minutes. 

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