We’re Excited About Smart Products – Here’s Why You Should Be Too

how to commercialize smart products

When it comes to designing and developing smart products, entrepreneurs and corporate innovators alike will encounter a complex environment trying to deliver on the promise of connectivity.

Bringing any product to market isn’t easy, but a smart product? That takes an in-depth knowledge of the IoT ecosystem as well as a keen awareness of the infrastructure and resources you need just to deliver that smart solution to your customers.

If this is your year to finally develop that smart solution, then joining us at Driving Dreams 2019 should be your top priority.

How to Commercialize Your Smart Product

Altitude Accelerator and Arrow Electronics are excited to announce the new event series, Driving Dreams 2019: Designing Smart Products.

This six-pack event series delivers technical workshops and valuable expert panel sessions, as well as focused networking, throughout the year, with the first full day event launching January 31, 2019.

Not only will you get to dig in to some hands-on learning on technologies like Intel, Arrow and Digi International but you’ll get to pick some of the biggest brains in IoT to get real-world advice on research, commercialization and innovation. A few speakers we’re excited to bring to you this year are:

  • Greg Dashwood, Product Lead IoT & Advanced Analytics, Microsoft
  • Mike Brown, Senior Director Business Development, Swift Labs
  • Max Palumbo, Senior Field Applications Engineer, Silicon Labs

Smart Product Development: From Concept to Commercialization

It’s no secret that the IoT industry is exciting but succeeding in this market requires answers to critical questions like:

  • What factors you need to understand to stay competitive
  • How the rapid advance of tech, competition and globalization will affect your career
  • How to get funding for your pilot projects
  • How to handle obsolescence and cost/performance trade offs

Those answers, and so much more, is exactly what you’ll get if you attend Driving Dreams 2019.

Making Smarter, Connected Products

The reality is no one sets out on designing a smart product that fails, but it happens, more often that you think. Winning in the IoT space is more than just about having the right technology, it’s about truly understanding the critical questions of interconnectivity, product development and innovation.

That’s the beauty of Driving Dreams 2019; it’s a unique opportunity for you to engage with other entrepreneurs and innovators who have launched products, built brands and forged strategic industry partnerships in the same ecosystem.

Join us for this workshop series and explore how we can use unique connections at the intersections of hardware and software to put technology to work.

The Driving Dreams series launched on January 31, 2019. Our next workshop is on September 19 – don’t miss it.

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