Canadian Entrepreneur Launches Pair, an App That Brings Long-Distance Couples Closer Together

By Knowlton Thomas

Pair is a new iPhone app designed to harden the fragility of long-distance relationships. Co-launched by Oleg Kostour, a Canadian entrepreneur who moved to Silicon Valley to participate in Y-Combinator, Pair offers a slew of couple-oriented features such as “thumb-kissing.”

Described as “the easiest way to stay in touch with the person you love,” Pair combines texting with what is essentially a two-person-only social network. You can both sketch and draw on one canvas, share to-do lists, and see your partner’s thumbprint in real-time as they touch the screen. It’s also a way to send photos, videos, and texts, share your location, and keep track of all the important dates (never forget their anniversary again!).

The app is off to a promising start. It has a five-star rating in Apple’s App Store and received rave reviews in Mashableand TechCrunch. I tested it out, and it’s a lot of fun—even between friends, not just partners. The live sketch makes for guaranteed laughs with anyone, and the location pin sends your pal a zoomed-in map of precisely where you are, which could prove tremendously practical. And it’s all wrapped up in a sleek, simple interface.

Pair is free to download but is iOS-only for now.

Knowlton is the Associate Editor of Techvibes Media.  He has vested interests in business and financial subject matter, as well as technology and environmental affairs.

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