Conference Recap: Metaverse and 5G by DecodingTechZone

Altitude Accelerator Metaverse Conference

Conference Recap: Metaverse and 5G by DecodingTechZone

By Kenneth Sun, Marketing Communications Associate at Altitude Accelerator

Last Friday, October 28th, the Altitude Accelerator team attended the Metaverse and 5G Conference in Canada 2022 by DecodingTechZone and met some of the best and brightest Canadian innovators and learned about many of the latest technologies in this exciting space.

What exactly is, the metaverse?

The “metaverse” does not simply refer to “virtual worlds”; rather, in many cases it refers to decentralized worlds that incorporate all of the senses. In such conditions, physical restriction of location is no longer a problem.

We enter the metaverse through VR and AR headsets. In that world, we have our own avatars; we can buy property, visit places all over the world, meet people, spend money.

AR, VR, and XR are examples of enhancing visuals in the metaverse. Similar to how 4G improved the sharing of video content, 5G improves the replication of visuals in the metaverse. The ultimate goal of innovators in the metaverse is to replicate all senses in virtual worlds.

Panel Discussion: Decoding TECH behind the Metaverse, R. Michael Pickering of CloudConstable, Nav Gupta of Chaarmi,  Rohan Pinto of TokenOX, Milton Toledo of 3DVR Design

Lorne Sugarman, CEO of Metaverse Group, shared with the audience that with the development of Web3 technology infrastructure, people can see more benefits from the metaverse. Companies can increase brand loyalty by incorporating metaverse and NFTs, and all digital assets are well-protected from infringement.

Are there any drawbacks of the metaverse?

The short answer is yes. In order for the metaverse to actually become part of our daily lives, certain challenges addressed.

First, the heat from servers. Currently the heat from serves is not a threat, but if metaverse becomes as popular as today’s smartphone, then the heat generated will negatively impact the climate. It also uses an enormous amount of electricity.

Second, our collective mental health. The immersive virtual world can cause addictive behaviours and other psychological problems according to medical research.

Milton Toledo of 3DVR is explaining his real estate, design & build metaverse technology to a group of attendees

Altitude Accelerator and Metaverse

Altitude Accelerator’s client, Milton Toledo, CEO and founder of 3DVR introduced the company at the conference with his team.

Milton shared his decentralized VR platform at the panel discussion.

“Our metaverse properties include commercial spaces, art galleries, family homes and hangout spots,” Milton explained. “Our users can create, experience, and monetize their content at 3DVR.”

3DVR’s demo product was a huge “wow” for everyone at the conference. Dozens of people stopped by 3DVR’s booth and entered their VR world, sometimes waiting up to half an hour to get a turn!

His VR world gave us an immersive experience of being in a home design. Users can customize the colors of the home design, teleport around the house and check every detail of it – before spending a fortune on building materials, furnishings, and fixtures.

Milton was recently featured on CityLine – check out their YouTube video here.

We also featured another metaverse client, vGIS, at our booth. vGIS uses augmented reality technology for construction sites. With vGIS’s system, field personnel can see an augmented view that includes holographic infrastructure objects, improving their environmental assessments and increasing their situational awareness.

How Do We Help?

Altitude Accelerator’s mission is to support tech startups that solve big business problems. Our services and programs help tech startups accelerate go-to-market strategies and scale successfully.

Our team and network of advisors include experts from metaverse, cleantech, advanced manufacturing, medical care, and other industries. If you have a startup idea or are looking to grow your business, we are happy to start a conversation.

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